Upcoming Events...

February 2019 Provincial Tournament & Qualifier* | St. John’s, NL

*This event allows students to qualify to attend the National Public Speaking Championships and the Junior & Senior High National Championships.

May 2019 Spring Tournament | St. John’s, NL

August 2019 7th Annual NLSDU Summer Camp | St. John’s, NL

Contact for more details about local events or for more information about participating nationally!

Previous Events...

Back to School Training Day

Hosted at Holy Heart of Mary on September 24th 2018, our back to school training day provided training for potential coaches and judges as well as refreshers for returning students and new debaters!

Annual General Meeting

Holding our AGM on Aug. 25th, 2018, we revised our constitution and elected a new! Check out our new board and email for a copy of our constitution

2018 Summer Camp

Boasting 20 students attending grades seven through twelve in the 2018-19 academic year, the NLSDU summer debate camp was a success. We finished the week with a competition with a great competition!

High School Nationals - 2018

The NLSDU was proud to host the 2018 Canadian National Debate Championships, High School Nationals from April 20th-22nd where almost 150 of Canada's best came to compete in St. John's at Holy Heart of Mary Regional High School. Our John Harris and Henry La Praire (From Holy Heart) broke to semi finals in the French division!

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Junior and Senior High Provincials - 2018

The NLSDU was proud to host the Newfoundland and Labrador Junior and Senior High Provincial Tournament. This tournament was used to determine the Newfoundland and Labrador delegation for the National Competition happening in a months time. The weekend long tournament was between 11 teams, from Roncalli Central (Avondale), Discovery Collegiate (Bonavista), Holy Spirit High (CBS), Villanova Junior High (CBS), Holy Heart of Mary (St. John's), St.Bonaventure's College (St. John's), and Brother Rice Junior High (St. John's)! (Schools organized alphabetically by Town Name)

First Annual SARIS Tournament

The NLSDU and SARIS (Science and Reason in Society) were proud to work together and host a show debate at the 2017 SARIS Lecture, on "Should Prison Be Punitive?"


ST.JOHN’S, Newfoundland - July 21 2017 - The annual Victoria Park Lantern Festival is fast approaching and the Newfoundland and Labrador Speech and Debate Union (NLSDU) is glad to announce that we will be present at our very own Community Booth! The Lantern Festival has been an institution at Victoria Park since 1998 and we are excited to have a place among other nonprofit and for-profit groups that support this celebration of community.