Coaches and Volunteers

Looking for an NLSDU coach?

Whether you are a teacher, student, or parent, if you are interested in having an NLSDU debate coach at your school, we are here to help. Please reach out to our Director of Programming and they will do everything they can to connect your school with an available coach. 

Sometimes, the number of coaches working with the NLSDU doesn't line up with the number of schools looking for a coach to lead them. In some cases such as this, consider if there are any people associated with the school that may be willing to become coaches!  We provide training at no cost, and are very happy to support volunteers, parents, and teachers of all levels and familiarity with speech and debate in becoming coaches. 

Interested in becoming a coach with the NLSDU?

The NLSDU is always accepting individuals interested in coaching. To be eligible to be a coach, you must have time to commit at least two hours per week to coaching a club, usually one hour of preparation for a coaching session and one hour coaching that session with your school. There is no experience required to be a coach - the NLSDU has a coach training program that will help you get familiar with debate and ready to collaborate with students and teachers to build up your club.

All coaches must be able to pass a Vulnerable Sector screening criminal record check. The NLSDU will coordinate these checks for potential coaches who do not have them available or do not have a recent check.  

The NLSDU will also consider experienced High School Students interested in coaching as coaches for Junior High Schools. 

Reach out to the Director of Programming regarding any coaching inquiries. 

If you are an experienced coach, you may be eligible to be paid to coach! As a member of Speech and Debate Canada's Coaching Program, NLSDU coaches with debate experience can apply to become Speech and Debate Canada Coaches. This opportunity pays $20/hr, with the expectation of each single session of debate resulting in 2hrs of work. Please reach out to the Director of Programming to get more information on this opportunity and your potential eligibility. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

The NLSDU is always looking for individuals to volunteer to help with events. Some of the events we may ask volunteers to help with are provincial tournaments, training days, public speech and debate events, and fundraisers. If you are interested, please register for our Mailing List so we can be in contact with you regarding any volunteer opportunities - no experience is required to be an NLSDU volunteer!

You can also email our Director of Programming to discuss any volunteer-related topics.