Criminal Justice Training Day

Notice: Today will be held in Arts 1046, sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

A Debate Event open for students that will be attending Grades 7-12. Hosted jointly by The Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PLIAN) and The Newfoundland and Labrador Speech and Debate Union (NLSDU). Come learn about mock sentencing and the criminal justice system - no experience needed! There will be a $15 dollar registration fee that covers lunch.

Please fill out the following form if you wish to attend, (Can also be found below)

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A schedule can be found here

The Event is open to all Junior and Senior High students.

Come learn more about important issues, from the function of the constitution, to current debates in criminal justice. There will be seminars, debate rounds, and a mock sentencing.

Great for anyone interested in government, social justice, legal careers, and advocacy. These topics often come up in debate and discussion, so are great to be aware of!

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